Viva ….Leesburg?!

Monday morning and I’m still recovering from one of my best friend’s bachelorette weekend.

Apparently I am too old for this!

The main event was a wine tour through Leesburg, VA, which for anyone in the DC area is a must.

(Yes, its not Napa Valley but let’s not be a snob!)

We started at our favorite: Notaviva Vineyards.

Having gone a couple of times, we were pretty excited to start off our day there. Yes, the wine is good, but the story is even better.

The owners randomly decided to buy land and start a vineyard on a whim. Both had backgrounds in music, but bought the land, a few books , and away they went!

The best part: they’d just been dating for 3 months.

Today they have 3 children and a very successful winery.

They’ve also been featured on HGTV, following the building of their amazing home/business. Unlike your usual winery, all of their wines are best paired with a specific type of music (to go with their first love). They also frequently have live music, as their tasting room is set up like a music hall.

The rest of the day went downhill from there (in a good, still feeling it way) but I wanted to share our favorite local winery (and not necessarily the dancing to 1am!)

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Tylenol anyone?

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One Response to Viva ….Leesburg?!

  1. Sounds like the perfect bachelorette weekend!!! Hope that headache subsides soon! 🙂
    xo Elizabeth

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